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Top 5 Children’s Charity Organizations

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We here at Help A Friend Foundation know how important it is to donate to a foundation or charity, especially when there are children in need. So we have listed our top 5 charitable foundations from all around the world (along with our ours) who have a great reputation and who really help the children in need.

1. Help A Friend Foundation

We’re an international development organization with our head office based in Greece. We also have offices right across Asia, the Americas and Europe. We believe the people whose lives our work affects should decide how we’re run. And that’s what makes us different.

We help people use their own power to fight poverty and injustice. Our foundation can assist the children from all around the world, we have been around for just 4 years but we have made a huge difference in helping the youth and those struggling and in need. This is one charity that has been on the rise as we have been creating a better foundation to help all of those in need.


2. Kids in Need

Kids in need has numerous nonprofits all across America. This charity is one that focuses on just helping children, especially around the holidays with certain drives to give back to the community and offering financial help to the youth in time of need. Even helping out during the school year and when school starts for the little ones that don’t have much.


3. Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need provides clothing and blankets for poor and premature babies who are in need.

In 2018, Newborns in Need volunteers distributed more than 350,000 pieces of clothing and baby gear to 2,000 hospitals, shelters, and families across the country. The organization helps donate blankets, sleepers, gowns, all-in-ones, hats, booties, bottles, pacifiers, disposable diapers, etc.


4. Share Our Strength

Share Our Strength helps food banks and emergency-relief organizations, and works to address hunger’s root cause from all over the world. The organization also teaches low-income families about nutrition and budgeting, helps enroll children in federal nutrition programs, and funds groups that teach career and life skills to poor families. The program also helps communities hold fund-raisers to benefit hungry kids.



When 3-year-old Faith Tinoco was starting school back in 2002, her parents were worried that their daughter, born with Down syndrome, wouldn’t be able to play along with the other kids at Melody Park Christian School, in Salinas, California. The school’s playground equipment was outdated and inappropriate for Faith’s needs. The family decided to start a foundation to help with donating and creating playground equipment that will specifically help those with Down syndrome and make it safe for the children.

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