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All In Entrepreneurs Donate $30,000 To Help A Friend Foundation

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There have been many events that have taken place so far this summer and with real estate becoming a new found interest and field, All In Entrepreneurs is a powerhouse investment company that is getting notoriety in the world of wholesaling. All In Entrepreneurs are no stranger to helping the community and teaching their self-help seminars throughout the year. The new event coming this month is All In Freedom and the gentlemen who have started the event just announced that they are going to donate $30,000 to our very own Help A Friend Foundation!


All In Entrepreneurs

Sal, Carlos & Alex are real estate mentors who have great experience in the wholesaling world and have taught numerous investors and entrepreneurs how to scale their business and give back. Their seminar teaches all of those who attend how to find off market discounted properties, virtual wholesaling, market expansion, how to succeed in a downward market, Partnership principles, how to build a business, and more. The gentleman at All In have all had success in the business world and love to give back to the community and share their success with others. Respected by all, these heavy hitters in the game have vowed to donate their earnings to a greater purpose and to help others in need. What most can agree on is that all of the leaders at All In are known to be humble, experienced, and quite knowledgeable in the field that they all have a natural talent for. Although they all strive for greatness in their respective fields, none of them hesitate to give back and make a donation to those who need it the most.

All In Entrepreneurs Donate $30,000

Help A Friend Foundation

We here at Help A Friend Foundation have dedicated our foundation to those in need. Our mission statement states as so, “We’re an international development organization with our head office based in US. We also have offices right across Phoenix. We believe the people whose lives our work affects should decide how we’re run. And that’s what makes us different. We help people use their own power to fight poverty and injustice. You can help us make a fairer, better world – wherever you are.” We offer a wide variety of services that help the community including; Child care, Medical and Education. Although we focus heavily on giving children and communities the education needed, we also work to ensure that children in your community get the best child care and medical attention needed.


We are extremely grateful for the gentleman at All In Entrepreneurs who are donating for a great cause to our foundation. It is not only a great cause to help those around your who are struggling, but it means more to truly help those that you do not know who are struggling get the education, care and medical attention that they wish to have. We are gracious and could not be happier to receive the donation we have and wish all but the best to the gentleman at All In!

adminAll In Entrepreneurs Donate $30,000 To Help A Friend Foundation
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